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devil phoneWhen it comes to securing a digital device, antivirus is the major ingredient factor that comes to mind. It has been essential on desktop computers since the mid 1990’s, but is now just as essential on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Hackers long ago learned that to trick users into thinking they are downloading antivirus to their desktops when they were really just extorting money from them. They are now using similar tricks to infect user’s devices with malware.

“SandroRAT” was the first malware to be discovered disguised as an antivirus.  The malware was found as an attachment in a spam email  that states  the user’s phone is infected with malware. This was initially developed to hack Polish banking customers though emails with a warning statement in polish: “Uwaga! Wykryto szkodliwe oprogramowanie w Twoim telefonie!”

This means: “Caution! Detected malware on your phone!”

The body of the mail is intended to create hype by saying that the bank is offering a free mobile security app that helps to detect malware that is developed to steal SMS codes that authorizes electronic transactions.

The app is actually a remote access tool (RAT), and dubbed a version of SandroRAT. It is similar version of an Android malware AndroRAT. This malware can access and execute several commands remotely.

  • The Remote Access Tool has the option to execute USSD codes remotely
  • It has been found that the Hacker opens the dialer with the help of Remote Access Tool

This new threat has become even more serious because encrypted Whatsapp chats can be stolen by gaining access through the encryption key used by a Google email account of the android device.

It has been found that this malicious app can:

  • Access sensitive personal information such as SMS, contact list, browser history, call logs and GPS location.
  • Interfere with incoming calls by recording them in a WAV file and storing it in SD card
  • Automatically update by itself
  • Gain access to incoming SMS messages
  • Send MMS messages with certain criteria extended by the control server
  • Record sound from the surrounding environment

What Can You Do?

Hence the bottom line is  any android device users should be extra vigilant and be very careful while downloading an antivirus app on to their device.
This is all the more reason to use the feature rich Comodo Mobile Antivirus for Android, which happens to be available for free! It can prevent this situation and in the event that something unusual is going on with your device is has the management tools to identify it. It even includes lost/theft protection and recovery features.

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