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If you use Verizon Mobile, your email account may be vulnerable to hackers and has been since June 2013. That when Verizon first release it’s My FiOS app which introduced this vulnerability.

The good news is that Verizon was able to fix the bug within 2 days of learning of it on January 14th of this year from Randy Westergren, a senior software developer with XDA Developers.

Suffice to say if you are a Verizon Mobile user you need to make sure your device has the latest updates from Verizon.

The flaw Westerngren discovered could allow an attacker to read unencrypted messages in a user’s Verizon inbox and send emails from an account.While the length of the exposure period is troubling, Weternren has written that Verizon was very responsive when he contacted them and a fix was created in a very short about of time.

The issues are specific to Android devices.

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