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PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy which is a software package that is employed to encrypt data especially for files and emails. My idea of writing this article is to make people understand how PGP contributes in the general security as it will help them in making good decisions like how and where you can make the use of PGP in your infrastructure. This can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This has made the PGP and software compatible with Open PGP standard growing progressively. Many call it as the widely used encryption system present around the world.

If you are getting a PGP support package for blackberry, then you would be curious to know what type of security features PGP provides. Following are the three conditions that most of us try to meet using the PGP:

  1. Privacy: The PGP encryption ensures that nobody other than the intended recipient will be able to see the data being sent.
  2. Reliability: It makes certain that the data cannot be tailored by an unauthorized party before reaching the anticipated receiver.
  3. Legitimacy: It guarantees that both the sender and recipient are the persons who they say they are.

Let us now understand how PGP actually works. PGP makes use of an arrangement of encryption techniques in order to attain the safety features. These technologies comprise of:

Public-key cryptography
Symmetric-key cryptography

If you are planning to get the PGP support package for blackberry, you do not need to deeply understand the working of these technologies in order to use PGP safely and effectively. Being a user, you just require knowing the basics of how to work with encryption keys.

The biggest question that comes in the mind of several people is that is it secure to use PGP? The answer to this question is yes. There is no visibly known ways of breaking the encryption provided by PGP and Open PGP friendly solutions. Moreover, there has been several news in the past that highlighted the inability of even government of several countries and even FBI to access the data that has been secured with PGP.

There one more important thing about which you have to be very sure. You are required to keep updated with the most recent versions of PGP compatible solutions there may be liabilities in the software itself that could show the way to compromising your data.

Several online stores are there which deal in providing PGP security into your Blackberry. Some reliable and trustworthy companies will tell you completely about the how exactly PGP works and even make them aware of the benefits associated with it. Some of them simply aim at protecting your Blackberry anyhow. If you are worrying about the cost of this security, don’t worry as its cost will seem much low as compared to the benefits that you will obtain on using it. Just make sure that you are getting it from a reliable company. Such a company will also make you aware of the ways of using it in a proper manner.

About the Author, Tom Black:
Tom works for  BlackBerry Secure,a Canadian group located in Windsor, Ontario. They can protect your Blackberry with PGP support package for blackberry at affordable price.