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Early warning systems save lives. People in tsunami risk zones rely on seismic activity sensors and sea level gauges for advance alerts that give them time to get to safety. Those living in areas affected by tornadoes or hurricanes depend on weather forecasts and advisories so they can protect their homes, evacuate, or seek shelter. Meteorologists and seismologists are constantly working to give these sophisticated modeling tools more predictive power.

What if there were a similar predictive technology for cyberattacks? Something that could alert your security team to an impending breach before the exfiltration of data began? A tool based on the very latest threat intelligence that would provide an early warning if there were signs of criminal activity on your network?

Today, there is.

When you combine the cybersecurity industry’s most advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution with the only endpoint protection platform capable of identifying and isolating 100% of potentially dangerous files, you have an early warning system that can alert you of impending attacks long before they progress along the kill chain.

Comodo cWatch EDR: Full-featured and uniquely proactive

Far too many cybersecurity vendors take a reactive approach to endpoint protection. They collect log files for auditors to review only after a breach has occurred, failing to support managed threat hunting or relying only on a single method of compromise detection. These strategies leave enterprises increasingly vulnerable in today’s complex and ever-changing threat landscape.

In contrast, cWatch EDR adopts a proactive approach which prevents unrecognized files from executing on your network — hence preventing new malware from ever installing itself on your endpoints. The product also has advanced script protection to guard against file-less attacks—  including memory-resident exploits and malicious PowerShell scripts—before they’re able to initiate command-and-control instructions on remote servers.

cWatch EDR offers integrated file analysis capabilities that combine the speed and efficiency of automation with the care and precision of expert human monitoring and analysis. A lightweight agent is installed on every endpoint in your environment, and Comodo’s Group Policy Object (GPO) or remote script execution provides for the industry’s fastest deployment and quickest and easiest configuration process. Once the agent has been deployed, you have access to the full feature set of the world’s most comprehensive endpoint protection suite.

No other EDR solution has visualization capabilities that are as detailed or complete. cWatch users can track all suspicious or potentially malicious processes taking place on any endpoint device in the environment, and thus gain full visibility into relationships between events and processes across devices and over time. This allows our security operations team to investigate and analyze threats at speed, so that you’ll benefit from rapid response and the fastest possible alerting on suspicious or potentially suspicious activities in your environment. It also allows your team to see at a glance the full story behind any attempts to find vulnerabilities in your systems, move laterally across your network, or exfiltrate data.

Versatile, customizable, and based on the latest global threat intelligence

With more than two decades of experience building innovative endpoint protection solutions, Comodo is well aware that no two IT environments are alike. That’s why we’ve created a fully customizable policy generator that allows every one of our customers to set the indicators of compromise (IOCs) that will be most accurate for their organization’s unique traffic patterns, threat profile, and business needs. This makes it possible to tailor the policies and alerts you receive to optimize your protection within your team’s capabilities. You can also outsource monitoring to our 24/7 security operations center (SOC) team, or to one of our managed security service partners.

cWatch draws upon the latest information from one of the world’s leading threat intelligence laboratories. Building upon insights from the global threat research community as well as a cloud-based sandboxing and file-verdicting system, it’s uniquely able to identify novel malware strains by observing the real-time behaviors of unknown executable files—without posing any risk to our users’ environments.

To learn more about the unrivaled protection your organization will get from cWatch EDR, contact a member of our sales team today. Or download the basic version of our complete endpoint security solution, which includes coverage for an unlimited number of endpoints and three-day data retention, for free.

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