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Mobile Device Management
The age of BYOD, where users want to use their favorite smartphone or tablet for work and connect to their companies network, has been a challenge for IT management. It was hard enough when each employee had a company desktop or laptop, but now you need to keep track of and manage any device the employee wants to bring to the table. The number of employee owned devices in the workplace has exploded in recent years and this trend shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

To simplify the process, Comodo has come up with a new approach focuses on managing the device users instead of just the device. Comodo’s Mobile Device Management (CMDM) platform for Android™ and Apple iOS devices, introduces an unconventional model based on licensing device users. Comodo believes that device based licensing is antiquated in this extremely fluid and ever changing environment. The quantity and composition of these devices can vary on a daily basis with most users bringing at least one device and an increasing number bringing two or three.

Mobile AntivirusUser based licensing allows companies to simplify overall management and slash lifetime deployment costs compared to rival solutions. A user centric approach allows companies to more easily formulate cost projections by implementing a flat, per-user charge, whereby each user can enroll up to 5 devices at any one time.

CMDM provides IT administrators the capability to secure and manage large-scale deployments of corporate and personal mobile devices with low cost, user based licensing. It equips administrators with a powerful management interface that fully automates the enrollment, configuration, and enforcement of corporate BYOD policies to employee devices.

“IT security is in our DNA,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and Chief Security Architect, “and CMDM is a natural addition to our portfolio of security products. Security is a top concern for BYOD because employees are using their business devices for non-work purposes and they often use a personal device for business uses. These devices contain a tremendous amount of both personal and business information and that data must be protected. Business owners cannot follow their employees around when they’re not at work to ensure their corporate data is protected from criminals; but with CMDM, you can sleep at night knowing your data is safe.”

Comodo Mobile Device Management enhances the security of enterprises by ensuring the security of all corporate or employee-owned devices. It enables remote and seamless control over devices, giving enterprises the power to enforce security restrictions to protect corporate-owned data regardless of the device that holds it. CMDM offers full security coverage with an integrated antivirus engine and allows IT administrators to define device and identity certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority – Comodo.

IT administrators can utilize CMDM to manage the lifecycle of the device and its data by setting device and application level policies, configuring application whitelists and blacklists, and requiring that all enrolled devices be encrypted and compliant before enabling access to corporate email. CMDM is a reliable, scalable platform that provides comprehensive visibility and control over iOS and Android™ devices used in the corporation.

Administrators can enroll for a 30 day/unlimited user free trial of Comodo Mobile Device Management by visiting:

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