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Some of us get so frustrated with our computers that we either hand them over to repair services or haul them out to the trash. Why? Because, “That computer has frozen, fractured files or failed for the last time!” we holler needlessly. NEEDLESSLY? How come? Because the truth is, most malfunctioning computers don’t deserve our distain. All they’re suffering from is inadequate protection.

You see, the majority of problems computers experience these days are caused by the viruses and hackers prowling our email systems and the Web. And NOT due to something you did or something caused by your computer itself. So next time your computer freezes, corrupts a file or crashes, don’t curse it. Save it. By protecting it.

My company has dedicated itself to solving this problem for the tens of millions of PC users in need. So here’s what I recommend:

Comodo Internet Security Complete
Inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, Comodo Internet Security Complete gives you the most robust protection through the most comprehensive set of security features available today. Among them are these key hacker, phisher, virus and malware prevention components:

  • An award-winning Firewall that blocks all unauthorized access, unknown threats and hacker attacks. Comodo’s Firewall consistently ranks among the highest in industry tests.
  • An aggressive anti virus for pc periodically scans, seeks out and destroys any file not found on its continually updated list of “safe files.”
  • Even a $500 Virus-Free Guarantee. Comodo is so sure we’ll keep your PC free of hackers, phishers, viruses and all other malware that we’ll pay a Comodo authorized service center up to $500 to repair your PC, if it ever becomes infected.

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