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First came Symantec and Norton (January 18th Blog). Next up was McAfee (January 20th Blog).

Now it’s VeriSign’s turn.

As hard as it may be to believe, yet another aggressively advertised name in Internet Security has just had to step into the spot light and contritely admit that it’s been the victim of chronic Internet Security Breaches. – Breaches that go back as far as 2010!

Is this a big deal? You bet. VeriSign’s domain name system processes up to 50 billion queries a day! That means hackers might well have snatched sensitive information from government officials, lawyers, bankers, corporate executives, FBI agents, CIA officers, defense contractors, military commanders, maybe even NORAD! Stewart Baker, former assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security said it’s even possible “it was a nation-state attack that is persistent (and) very difficult to eradicate.” (Reuters)

No wonder the Department of Homeland Security is investigating!

VeriSign, which like Norton is owned by Symantec, was cited by Melissa Hathaway, the intelligence official in charge of President Obama’s Cyber-Security Policy Commission, as an example of Internet Security Systems “that are currently being used by businesses at risk.” (Reuters)

Millions upon millions of people have been convinced to use the Internet Security products that Symantec, Norton, McAfee AND VeriSign spend millions of ad dollars to hype each year. Yet now, within just a matter of months, all four have had to confess that their claims of  “unbreachability” are….hogwash!

Our point? Even while more and more of the Internet Security names you recognize from their big budget TV commercials, spendthrift radio campaigns and lavish print ads have had to confess that their technology is inferior, one leading Internet Security provider has not. – Comodo.

Why? Because only serious scientific investigation leads to next generation technological advances in Internet Security.

Not hype.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–  Glenn Scheuer

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