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Cyber Warrior
Would you like to be a hacker, but only want to work for the good guys? With the rapid increase in cyber-attacks, governments and businesses around the world are rushing to hire or train the best technology talent they can find to secure their classified and private information.Cyber warrior has gone from a term in science fiction to a job classification that is essential to Internet security.Governments are at a distinct disadvantage in competing for such talent. Private corporations understand the value added to their bottom line by cyber expertise and are willing to pay salaries that the public sector cannot match.

The US government is hiring and training young talent which, predictably, leaves in a few years to cash-in on better offers from the corporate world. The business world is also more responsive to change and, in most cases, offers the opportunity to work with the more cutting edge technologies than the government uses.

Major universities throughout the United States and elsewhere are offering degrees in cyber security, though not everyone agrees that it makes sense as a degree fields. After all, a proficient security expert should have strong knowledge across a variety of technology disciplines, including software engineering, programming and networking.

A smaller number of schools are offering degrees in cyber war, a growing specialty in the military and intelligence communities. What’s the difference between cyber security and cyber war? Not much. They are really different facets of the fields if Internet security and network security. The main difference is that the cyber war has an offensive component that you do not usually find in cyber security and the corporate environment.

I say “usually” because corporate espionage is illegal in the US, but it does go on illegally and outside the states. China has been accused of sanctioning cyber espionage against American corporations and government agencies. While there is no question it is happening, the relationships between the Chinese government, its military and the countries business sector are murkier than with western countries.

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