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Did you know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in the U.S.? Started by the National Cyber Security Division within the Department of Homeland Security and the nonprofit National Cyber Security Alliance, the month puts a spotlight on how businesses and people can be more secure online.

And it’s no surprise that over 7,000 organizations have chosen to partner with Comodo, a leader in cyber security solutions, to take care of their cyber security needs. Why?

Our partners know – often from first-hand experience – that data breaches continue to affect organizations large and small, in all sectors, in every country of the world. Businesses are targeted, educational institutions are targeted, government agencies and municipalities are targeted. Just about anyone, anywhere, who holds any type of data, is at risk.

By joining the Comodo team, partners can deliver the breach protection solutions, services, intel and security expertise needed to stop today’s advanced threats. Partners share Comodo’s dedication to the overarching goal of preventing damage caused by breaches. They know this damage can take many forms, from financial to reputational, to being able to operate at all. And attacks are only getting worse in number and severity.

With Comodo’s market-leading zero trust architecture solutions, partners can become cyber-guardians to their customers. And for many end customers, that protection – that “Comodo confidence” – is worth more than money can buy.

But more specifically, organizations that join Comodo’s Partner Program have an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Improve their revenues. By utilizing a well-recognized vendor in the cyber security space, they earn more from their customers who value knowing their data and systems are safe from threats and breaches – 24/7. Comodo provides partners with significant discounts, plus sales planning to maximize their returns.
  • Tap into world-class product innovation. Comodo offers an end-to-end portfolio of next generation IT security solutions tailored to a partner’s needs. The innovation begins with Comodo’s unique containment technology, which automatically runs unknown files in a secure sandbox where they can cause no damage. Partners know that Comodo will run behavior tests on these files on our cloud servers and offer trust verdicts on them in 45 seconds or less. And while that vetting is occurring, there are no user interruptions.
  • Leverage Comodo’s strong reputation for product quality and effectiveness. In a world where 37% of businesses tested find they have malware in their network, partners know customers don’t want to take chances in this realm. Want to know an interesting fact? None of Comodo’s customers have ever suffered a malware outbreak after deploying our solution. That’s because Comodo’s zero trust security assumes unknown files are malicious until proven safe. This approach engenders a lot of trust. It’s no accident Comodo landed on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant list for Endpoint Security Solutions in 2017.
  • Enjoy unparalleled service and support from Comodo for their partner solutions. Our engineers know our products and understand the challenges. They offer timely technical training and provide ongoing support to our partners over time. They can also rapidly develop and deploy products and solutions tailored to a partner’s needs.
  • Experience our easy-to-use, cloud-based administrative console that can help eliminate “alert fatigue” for your IT professionals. Given the shortage of deeply skilled cyber security professionals available today, Comodo knows IT staff are often pressed into service, only to be overwhelmed by endless log files or error notifications. Comodo’s tools sort the real signals from the noise and make it easier for your current staff to respond appropriately.

So whether you are a web host, a reseller, an ISO, an MSP, or an MSSP – there’s a Comodo solution that will help you and your customers sleep better at night.

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