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Junk email is an annoying problem, and the level of annoyance has increased to dangerous levels for some computer users. Spam (junk emails), in vast amounts, can obstruct the normal functioning of the computer – causing the system to crash or hang.

Anti-spam solutions

How To Block Junk Emails

You need to have an antispam software that can screen your inbox for incoming emails and sort them into legitimate emails and suspicious junk emails. A good Antispam software will do the spam cleaning job for you. It will automatically sort out the spam emails from the regular ones and send those suspicious junk emails to a separate folder.

The antispam software will block emails which it decides as junk and prevents them from reaching your inbox. It may accidentally block emails that you wanted to read, but on the whole, it is quite useful in segregating the junk emails from the usual ones.

Junk emails take up a lot of space in your email inbox. This is especially true for individuals as well as large organizations. The antispam software can clean up existing junk emails from your inbox and prevents incoming spam emails.

Spam and malware variants like spyware or adware can exploit your computer’s CPU resources leading to system crashes and slow down in computer performance. Thus, you should scan your computer regularly to remove hidden malware, if any.

In extreme cases, cybercriminals can use your computer to spread their junk emails to other computers. This can cause severe damage to your computer’s CPU as it (spreading spam) uses excessive computing resources.

One of the precautionary measures that you can take is refraining from revealing your primary email address unnecessarily on the internet. Revealing your primary email address can end up in receiving a lot of junk emails. Spammers may see your email address and add it to their list of harvested emails. Then, your inbox will be bombarded with unsolicited junk emails.

Most of the junk emails contain either advertisements, product reviews or other marketing material that sounds too good to be true. Also, they may come with a wonderful headline to trick you into reading it.

If you click on the links provided in such emails, you may expose your computer to malware or even more junk emails. It is advisable to delete such junk emails or put them in a separate folder.

How Antispam Software Helps Combat Junk

The antispam software comes with personalized antispam filtering which you can personalize as per your need. Antispam filtering is all about distinguishing spam emails from your regular emails.

By using an antispam solution, you can control or block unwanted junk or spam emails from reaching your inbox. With a proactive antispam solution, spam emails sent by unknown can be filtered out effectively.

Comodo Dome Antispam

Comodo Dome Antispam is a leading antispam solution that proactively protects your email systems from junk and spam emails. It prevents spam emails even before they reach your inbox.

With a powerful containment engine, Comodo Dome Antispam keeps the incoming threats and harmful files under control or within certain limits.

If you are in search of a good anti-spam solution for your company, look no further get Comodo Dome Anti-spam today!

Dome Antispam

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