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WordPress announced recently that they would join the club of web applications that use SSL by default for all of the web site’s they host, providing users with secured, encrypted communications. The WordpPress web application was originally designed for the creating blogging and news sites, but has evolved into a general purpose Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress says that the change will be implemented gradually but will be complete by the end of 2014.

WordPress’s Role on the Web

WordPress’s position on the web is extraordinary. According to an ongoing survey by, 22% of all web sites surveyed use WordPress, which represents 60% share of sites that use a Content Management. WordPress is expected to push the use of SSL on all web sites that use their software, which includes major news sites such as the NY Times and CNN. Comodo uses WordPress for our blogs and has enabled SSL to protect users and the integrity of the blog articles.

The Trend Toward SSL

This continues a trend towards the expanded use of SSL: In May, Google announced that they would enable SSL by default for its hugely popular Gmail web email application. The recent high profile data breaches and the issues highlighted by revelations of the activity of the NSA have led to increasing awareness of the importance of securing communications with SSL.

In April, the Google guru on SEO Matt Cutts said that he believes that the Google search results should favor sites that use SSL. He is a big advocate of the expanded use of SSL on web sites.

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