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The No. 1 reason why an e-commerce Web site customer doesn’t complete a buying transaction is WORRY. That uncomfortable apprehension that grows out of a customer’s primal fear that your Web site might not be protecting their credit card and identity well enough. — And this worry costs emerchants millions of dollars every year!

The proof? recently reported that 76.5% of consumers surveyed made online purchases only after they felt satisfied that an e-commerce Web site was trustworthy. That means security worries dominate the buy-or-no-buy decisions of 3 out of every 4 of your customers!

What causes this worry? Often it’s the things you HAVEN’T done that do you in. Like an expired SSL Certificate that triggers on site warning pop ups. Or the suspicious omission of your contact email address, customer service phone number, or brick and mortar address.

But the most egregious lapse of all is the absence of prominently displayed security seals. Because without them, many customers think of your Web site as a poacher’s paradise for every thieving hacker out there! And when customers sense your site isn’t safe from hackers, they don’t read, they don’t click, they don’t buy…They leave.

So what’s the solution? Comodo R&D recommends their ingenious hacker-defeating technology called HackerProof. HackerProof is a scanning service businesses the world over rely on to check that their Web sites are hacker-free. In fact, with 24,000 vulnerability plug-ins, HackerProof is the Internet’s Bloodhound!

A key HackerProof benefit is its Trustmark. Every subscriber’s Web site displays it. It tells customers your Web site is authentic, hacker-free and safe to buy from. The result? A recent Comodo study found HackerProof subscribers get a 5% to 10% uptick in sales. Woof!

Best of all, right now Comodo Marketing tells me it’s  offering Comodo SSL customers a year of HackerProof service Free. And to grab their offer, all you have to do is log into your account, click on SSL certificates, and select the “HackerProof One Year Free” offer.

You too can own your own hacker-sniffing, sales increasing bloodhound! (Dog tags not included.)

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

– Glenn Scheuer

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