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You sweat bullets.

You research, conduct focus groups, design and test market products tailored explicitly to answer the needs of your customers. You name them enticingly, package them alluringly and price them attractively.

Then you build a Web site that displays them, wrapped in a design that highlights them, with copy that glorifies them, and click-thru progressions that facilitate their purchase.

Yet sometime between the moment they arrive on your site and the moment they must commit by entering their credit card numbers, too many of your customers vanish. — It’s called Shopping Cart Abandonment.

And it’s the bane of every e-commerce Web site’s existence!

Comodo R&D is well acquainted with this age old scourge. Not only do we study it, theorize about it and develop technology to curb it, we experience it ourselves! After all, Comodo’s Web site is an e-commerce site, too. So we don’t just empathize with you, we economize for you. Like nobody else.

First, Comodo provides you with top notch trust assurance and security tools to cast out the Shopping Cart Abandonment demon. But we don’t stop there. Since Shopping Cart Abandonment is about losses, Comodo offers a solution that helps you recoup them. Here’s how.

Got an SSL Certificate? If you don’t, you need one. It’s the most rudimentary way there is for you to tell your Web site’s customers that you’ve taken steps to prevent the information they provide from being snatched by ID thieves and credit card poachers. (To learn more about Comodo’s Elite SSL Certificate, simply visit

Now, most high quality SSL Certificates are priced between $100 and $300. Even Comodo’s cost-effective Elite SSL license is priced at $99.95 a year. But that’s where any comparison between them and us comes to an end. You see, every Comodo SSL customer, existing or new, gets the opportunity to benefit from much, much more than our world class SSL Certificate for their hard earned $99.95.

Because we offer you an upgrade to our unique EV SSL Certificate, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

And this isn’t some empty upsell. It’s a deal that’s NOT to be missed! Just take a look at all the added benefits Comodo’s FREE EV SSL upgrade gets you.

  • The renowned Green Address Bar that announces total trust, safety and ID security to every single customer who arrives on your site. (Learn more at
  • Trustmarks displayed on as many pages of your site as you deem advantageous.
  • Unlimited server licenses.
  • The option to add Comodo’s HackerProof Trust Enhancer FREE. (Learn more at
  • The option to add Comodo’s HackerGuardian PCI (Hacker Vulnerability) Scanning Service FREE.
  • Priority Phone Support, 24/7/365.
  • And an impressive $250,000 Warranty.

All told, for just $99.95 Comodo provides you with an arsenal of Shopping Cart Abandonment defeating tools and services that most others won’t sell you for a penny less than $3,000 a year! – And that’s BEFORE they even mention anything like our $250,000 Warranty.

Today, e-commerce customers are picky about purchasing, skittish about security, and all too ready to weigh the benefits of items on multiple Web sites before they buy. So you need all the Shopping Cart Abandonment defeating help you can get.


And Comodo provides it, like nobody else.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

– Glenn Scheuer

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