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Griffin, the Victorian-era character H. G. Wells gifted with invisibility, proclaimed himself to be the inventor of the greatest scientific advance of all time. But today, science’s real-life advances make The Invisible Man’s claim a debatable one.

Look at it this way. When we see nothing, there’s nothing we can learn. But when we can see within things, there’s much we can learn. – And be alerted to.

Fact is, the invention of the X-Ray in 1895, radar in 1924 and the Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) in 1938, were all important precursors to the current day advance commonly referred to as the Computer Scan. Just consider.

Today, surgeons use computer scans to spot deadly diseases. Airport security forces use computer scans to prevent terrorist threats. And automotive engineers use computer scans to identify perilous structural failures. But the list of professionals who rely on computer scans doesn’t end there. Archeologists, military strategists, aerospace engineers and geologists are only a few more of the computer scan’s devotees.

All this got Comodo R&D thinking about how the advanced computer scan is technology that’s desperately needed by another professional: the e-commerce Website Administrator. Why? Because every IT Admin is engaged in a daily battle with that hidden force of Internet evil, the hacker. An unending struggle to prevent these malicious malware attackers from infusing your e-commerce site with any one of a thousand scams that could trigger the customer caution alerts or site blacklistings that devastate sales. Hence, Comodo’s scientists posited:

“We must develop the first scanning process e-commerce Web sites can rely on totally to uncover malware BEFORE Web site customers ever see the mandatory caution alerts that drive away so many sales, and BEFORE any Web site is ever blacklisted!”

– Comodo R&D

SiteInspector, the most advanced Website scanning tool available, is born.

Every day, SiteInspector goes undercover. Touring your Web site, just like an average customer would. Except SiteInspector isn’t shopping, it’s testing. If a malware attack is launched, SiteInspector WILL spot it. And then report it via email, so a Site Administrator can correct the problem before real customers are ever alerted to it.

Effective, comprehensive scanning.

By dissecting your Web site’s security from a customer’s viewpoint, SiteInspector’s detection is comprehensive. Not one-dimensional, like other monitoring services.

The result? You get the only daily anti-malware inspection service that detects everything from infectious code to drive-by attacks. Plus major Web site blacklisting service checks, instant problem notifications, and configuration that requires neither downloads nor software installation.

Comodo’s R&D scientists are so enthusiastic about SiteInspector that they’ve actually emphasized a list of TEN key advantages:

  1. FREE : SiteInspector is an utterly cost-efficient decision, because there is no cost to you to try it during its Introductory Roll Out.
  2. FOOLPROOF : It’s the most foolproof tool available today for rooting out any malware that could lead to damaging e-commerce site customer alerts or Website blacklisting.
  3. EXTERNAL MONITORING: It’s an external, outsourced, third party monitoring service that beats any internally implemented system because it’s not subject to the same points-of-failure as the site it is overseeing.
  4. FAST, EASY AND RUNNING IN MINUTES: It runs remotely from secure Comodo servers, so it requires neither downloads nor software installation to configure. And it’s up and running in five minutes or less!
  5. DAILY SCANS AND REPORTS: It monitors, scans and reports to you on your Website via email alert daily.
  6. UNCOVERS EVERYTHING: It uncovers ID thieves, credit card poachers, password pilferers, session cookie thieves, malicious code, drive-by download attacks, chronic crash initiations, invisible cross site scripting attacks, zombie PC programs, buffer overflow attacks, registry changes, suspicious file downloads, malicious site diversions, major blacklist site alerts and scores of other malware related site problems.
  7. THE ULTIMATE HACKER ATTACKER: It is technology conceived precisely to defeat the viruses and malware devised by the most adept and advanced hackers.
  8. IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION: It provides you with instant email alerts whenever malware-on-site has been identified. Frequently, mitigation advice is also offered.
  9. BACKED BY COMODO: SiteInspector is backed by Comodo, the Internet Security industry’s most R&D intensive provider of unique and advanced products and services.
  10. YOU CAN TRY IT WITHOUT COMMITTING TO IT: Because during its Introductory Roll Out period, SiteInspector is yours to try for FREE!

Which is all a LOT better deal than The Invisible Man got, by the end of that H. G. Wells tale!

SiteInspector from Comodo. You won’t regret giving it a try…Because it’s Science Not Hype.

Website owners interested in enrolling their website for the service can sign up free at

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