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Business Challenge

Many customers who are interested in buying a product off a new website feel unsure about the website’s authenticity. They worry that their information is not secure on the web, and that some websites may be used for scams.

Even as the web’s presence continues to rise and e-Commerce forms a growing share of the e-Commerce market, many consumers still are hesitant to shop online. 24% of consumers refuse to conduct business online due to fear of online fraud. There are many possible sources of fraud. Already, phishers and pharmers have been able to imitate authentic web sites and deal with customers under false pretenses. The “man in the middle” attack is a common type of spam email, but it is also a problem on websites, and the lack of a distinguishing method has left some users weary of shopping online.

Background is a leading distributor of high quality German grooming products. It is the largest distributor of products made by craftsmen in Solingen, Germany. is the exclusive U.S. distributor for many European products.  Despite its particular strength in exceptionally made, German steel grooming products, was having problems earning the trust of new customers from their website.  They turned to Comodo to help earn user trust with their website, and give customers a way of knowing that their site is authentic and that their information is secure.

If could indicate to their customers that its website was authentic and that their information was secure and that was deeply concerned with the safety of their information’s privacy, customers would feel more comfortable shopping on  Since the website already had a strong hold on its market, earning customer trust could be the major obstacle holding back from higher sales growth.


Give customers a way of knowing that their site is authentic and that their information is secure.

How It Works used Comodo’s EV SSL Certificates and HackerProof Certificates to indicate to users that their information was secure. used two programs from Comodo to earn user trust: the EV SSL Certificates and our HackerProof Software.

EV SSL Certificates use an extensive background check to promote an authentic site

An Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer Certificates (EV SSL Certificate) is a powerful method of indicating to consumers that a website s trustworthy and authentic. When a site features an EV SSL Certificate, the address bar of the page will turn green, a security measure that indicates authenticity. Pages with this certificate will also feature a seal on the page that not only indicates security, but provides info on the site’s owner to prove that the website is accountable for its content. That information is acquired through a rigorous investigation into the web page owner’s identity and that his business is legitimate. This thorough background check makes the EV SSL Certificate one of the strongest methods of guaranteeing a web page’s authenticity to visitors, which will allow them to feel safer trading with the website.

HackerProof emphasizes to customers that the website is safe from hacker attacks

Even when a website’s authenticity is established, many users still feel insecure doing business online out of fear of a hacker invasion. If a site is not properly protected, even an honest business owner could leak their customers’ private, sensitive information. To counter that, Comodo offers a HackerProof service. Not only does HackerProof expose any vulnerability to hackers, but it also indicates the same to your users. HackerProof helps relieve any doubts customers may have about the safety and privacy of the information they submit to a website by a seal from Comodo assuring them that their information is safe.

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  • The conversion rate of turning visitors of into customers increased by 11% after using Comodo products.
  • The average value per transaction on increased by 23% after switching to Comodo. This is an indication that users were more likely to trust that the website was authentic.•Brand recognition of Comodo products helped more customers feel secure that their information was safe on
  • was able to directly monitor how the HackerProof trustmark related to visitor conversion using a web tool from Comodo.
  • successfully obtained an EV SSL Certificate, thus indicating to users that its authenticity was firmly established.
  • A HackerProof trust logo was displayed on, which lists the company’s contact info and notes the last time HackerProof scanned the website

With HackerProof, Comodo scans a website on a daily basis for any vulnerability to hackers that exist on a website. If any do exist, it points them out to the website’s owner and helps fix the problem. Once a website passes a vulnerability scan, a Comodo logo appears on the website assuring customers the website is safe from hackers. The Comodo logo is featured on over 100 million websites and a trusted, authoritative indication of web security. Additionally, visitors will be able to see the last time the page was scanned, so they know that the website is up to date and secure in its prevention of hacker intrusions.

Additionally, internet hackers have gotten quite advanced in their ability to infiltrate websites. Many websites are unsecure and vulnerable to invasions by online hackers. In the case of e-commerce sites, privacy is an especially important issue, as hackers can acquire sensitive information such as credit card numbers, home addresses, or even social security numbers.