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Can you benefit from UC Certificates?

Looking to save money on SSL and use Microsoft Exchange? Unified Communications SSL Certificates or Exchange SSL were created specifically for the Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Office Communication Server environments.Comodo is one of the Internet’s only providers of UC SSL Certificates. Trusted by over 99.9% of current browsers, UC SSL Certificates can be issued in minutes and are – among the highest available in the industry today.

Unlike standard or even Wildcard SSL Certificates, a single Exchange SSL Certificate can provide SSL secured communications on a number of different domains, both internal and external, reducing server security administration complexity, and cost. Exchange SSL Certificates also support the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover service, a new capability for the Exchange platform which greatly eases client administration.

You can consolidate all of your certificates into a single UC Certificate if your organization uses an MS® Exchange 2010 or Office Communications Server environment.

UCC Certificates start from $235.00 per year and include 3 FQDN’s. For example, 1 UCC will cover autodiscover.yourdomain.com , exchange.yourotherdomain.com and exchange1.yournextdomain.com. Beyond these initial 3 domains, you can add up to 100 FQDN on the same certificate at just $35.00 per additional domain. Wildcard domains can be added to a UCC for a $399.00 surcharge per domain.


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