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Two Factor AuthenticationAuthentication solutions prevent fraudulent account access risks. They also enable compliance with many security, banking and privacy regulations.

What is Authentication?

Two Factor AuthenticationAuthentication describes the verification process websites use to determine if each site visitor actually is who they say they are. The importance of the process is rooted in the crucial need for websites representing banks, insurers, payment processors, membership organizations, proprietary information sources, and hundreds of thousands of other online destinations to limit site access to only those who have passed an identity check.

During the early days of the Internet, providing a user name and password was considered enough to establish a visitor’s true identity. But this no longer foils hackers, so the industry required more rigorous authentication processes. Two-Factor Authentication was the outgrowth of this realization.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a verification process through which two different factors related to a site visitor are used in concert to establish a unique identity and ensure the authenticity of the visitor. The factors that are coupled to form Two-Factor Authentication usually combine something that a site visitor knows, such as user name and password (the first factor), with something they have (the second factor).
Common Second Factors

  • One Time Passwords
  • Challenge Questions
  • Smart Cards
  • Security Tags
  • Secure Cookies
  • Digital Certificates
  • Biometrics

While these second factors provide different security levels, the benefits of Two-Factor Authentication like the prevention of identity, information or asset theft, fraud, site vandalism, and site visitor distrust, are all universally acknowledged.

Today’s Authentication Concerns

But today, savvy IT Professionals have discovered that many of the authentication vendors they must turn to for their site’s Two-Factor Authentication Systems simply aren’t interested in meeting individual customer’s special needs. And this is one of the reasons why a security and assurance innovator like Comodo is rapidly becoming the source so many customers are turning to.

Because we ARE interested in meeting your special needs!

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