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Antivirus for Windows XP

April 8th, 2014 is D-Day for Windows XP users everywhere.

That’s when Microsoft is going to end support for its venerable operating system, first launched way back in 2001.

Users of XP have been remarkably slow to upgrade to newer versions of Windows, creating an odd situation for Microsoft. It speaks highly of their product, which has been remarkably stable and functional. However, they desperately want users to give it up and move on.

Now, we don’t generally recommend using an unsupported OS. XP is definitely going to be a target of hackers. They know that if they find an exploit there will no more Microsoft security patches coming from the folks in Redmond to stop them. Not to mention that it is a 32 bit operating system and the world of computing is rapidly moving on to 64 bit. You will find it increasingly difficult to install new software on XP systems.

However, we strongly believe that the decision to upgrade is yours.
It’s your computer, your software, your needs.

If for whatever reason you want to continue using XP, know this – Comodo antivirus has your back! We are committed to supplying XP virus signatures through at least 2016.

What’s more, under these circumstances our default/deny approach is even more appropriate than usual. Comodo Internet Security defends against threats that have not even been identified yet,  sandboxing any programming that cannot be verified as safe to run. The sandbox is a secure, isolate area where an unverified program can be run without risk to your Windows system and files.

Whether you use XP or another version of Windows, the only thing we know for sure about hackers is that they will continue to come up with new threats. Comodo Internet Security ensures that you are always prepared for whatever they throw at you!