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OPSWAT is an independent security firm that provides certifications for security applications to verify that they are compatible with leading network and technology solutions. A high level of compatibility for security applications is important for home users and students, system administrators, and software vendors.

certified-partnerComodo was recently informed by OPSWAT that the latest version our security software, COMODO Antivirus 7.x and COMODO Internet Security Premium 7.x, have received OPSWAT Certification. The following certifications have been awarded:


  • COMODO Antivirus 7.x – Bronze Antispyware
  • COMODO Antivirus 7.x – Bronze Antivirus
  • COMODO Internet Security Premium 7.x – Silver Firewall
  • COMODO Internet Security Premium 7.x – Bronze Antispyware
  • COMODO Internet Security Premium 7.x – Bronze Antivirus

These products are certified as compatible with leading technology solutions that employ the OESIS Framework and will be visible on their management consoles. OPSWAT Endpoint Security Integration SDK (OESIS) is a software framework, middleware and software development kit (SDK) that provides third party software engineers with an interface to manage third party software vendor
What is Endpoint Protection?

OPSWAT certifications do not certify an application for their effectiveness, but rather for their level of interoperability and manageability with third-party technology.

For independent verification of effectiveness, we recommend reviewing the test results at’s Proactive Security Challenge 64  and AV-Test Labs. At Matousec, Comodo has had the top ranked security suite for over two years in their ongoing challenge. At AV-Test Labs, Comodo has received high marks for protection in numerous tests, consistently scoring the highest among free antivirus.