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Despite significant and sustained investments in IT web security solutions, successful malware attacks and data breaches have risen steadily over  the past few years. Making sense of all the new and legacy endpoint protection technologies alone can feel like a full-time job so, luckily, Gartner is doing that for you in a new report.

The reason for continued infections at even Fortune 1000 organizations is largely because most endpoint security solutions still take a “Default Allow” posture towards downloaded files, blocking only known-bad (or blacklisted) files, while allowing unknown files into the system. Since all new malware starts out as an unknown file, this approach leaves you open to infection from a malware attack.

Another option is to adopt a “Default Deny” security posture, denying access to all unknown files, but this approach grinds usability and staff productivity to a halt as users wait for the hundreds or thousands of unknown files that do not arrive.

The ideal endpoint protection solution would offer low administrative overhead, low end-user impact, and the best available protection using the latest proven technologies. Security and risk management leaders can make educated trade-offs within endpoint protection to best achieve these aims if they have the knowledge about what is available, what is proven to work, and what the impact will be on the users and the organization.

For a limited time, you may download this Gartner report at no charge to learn:

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  • How to optimize your strategy for maximum protection and usability
  • How to cut through the marketing hype and make sense of today’s endpoint security options

Download Here: https://enterprise.comodo.com/gartner-research-endpoint-malware/

Source : Gartner Make Sense of Endpoint Malware Protection Technology, Ian McShane, 25 April 2017

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