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Historically, hackers have cast a wide net.  They put viruses into “the wild” and where they end up nobody actually knows. The send out phishing emails to everyone in the email database, sometimes millions of addresses, hoping just a few will be tricked into following their malicious link.

Increasingly hackers are adopting the highly targeted approach of cyber attacks, known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).  The attacks are growing in their number, sophistication and diversity of target. A 2013 Verizon report on data breaches makes clear that we all need to be on guard for so called “Advanced Persistent Threats” (APTs). In fact, Verizon concluded   “We see victims of espionage campaigns ranging from large multi-nationals all the way down to those that have no IT staff at all.”

With the onslaught of modern cyber-attacks on high profile and high value targets, it is becoming apparent that the state of information security is critically lacking in this new environment.

The sophistication and number of attacks is growing. The strategies and behaviors of modern malware have evolved to highly focused and targeted attacks. Current methods of mitigating risk have become ineffective and outdated.

Most aren’t able to answer the following questions:

o  How many Advanced Persistent threats (APT’s) exist on your network?
0  Did you know traditional black-listing does NOT work?
0  How do you find APT’s?

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