Comodo Vulnerability Patch Reading Time: 1 minute

Researchers at Tenable disclosed unpatched vulnerabilities in Comodo Antivirus which were patched as of the 7.29.2019  hotfix.


Customers should update endpoints via Auto-update or manually on Endpoint Manager->Device List, as usual. Remember to check the Default Client Version settings in Portal Set-up before updating your clients.

The hotfix contain remediation for (CVE-2019-3969, CVE-2019-3970), (CVE-2019-3971), (CVE-2019-3972) (CVE-2019-3973) on the following topics:


  • Blocking access of contained processes to sensitive COM interfaces
  • Improved authorization system for file access

These remediations improve the protection of Containment functionality of the product. The security layers of our product ensure that our customers are still protected however it is strongly suggested that the agents should be updated to this version.

There have been no reported incidents exploiting any of these vulnerabilities and no customers reporting related issues to us.

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