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Comodo Internet Security 7Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is a robust suite of computer security systems, including a firewall and multiple layers of defense against viruses, spyware, malware and other threats.

CIS 6, released in February 2013, was so well received and scored so well in independent test lab testing, such as matousec.com and AV Test Labs, that it is hard to imagine that the next release could do much to improve on it. The Virtual Desktop, running entirely in a sandbox, was unique and ground breaking.

However, the best keeps getting better!

Comodo Internet Security 7 was released on Friday and it has made some significant enhancements plus some exciting new features.

The sandbox, an isolated system area for running unverified applications safely, has been enhanced. Applications now run up to 700% faster inside the sandbox and virtual desktop. It also provides more granular exclusions handling for automatically sandboxed applications

What’s new?

  • Website Filtering – The Comodo Firewall now inspects URLs and blocks malicious sites while allowing users to define various access rules. For example, parents can use this feature to protect their kids from inappropriate sites and employers can block workers from visiting unproductive sites. Logging is also provided for monitoring a user’s activities.
  • Viruscope – A new dynamic behavior analysis feature that can inspect the real time behaviors of running programs and not only detect unwanted and malicious actions, but can also reverse them. This provides more granular control over otherwise legitimate software. For example it can prevent programs from unnecessarily adding components to the Startup folder.
  • Data Protection – A new data security feature makes important files completely invisible to programs running in the sandbox.
  • Multiple UI themes – Users are now able to choose between Modern, Classic and Tile based UI themes
  • PrivDog – A new browser plugin which helps protect online privacy is bundled. PrivDog addresses issues with 3rd party advertisements, trackers, 3rd party widgets and cookies and provides an ongoing report, shown below.


CIS 7 is available entirely free, with subscription editions offering additional features such as 24/7 online support and the industry’s only virus free warranty. Users of subscriptions editions of CIS 6 can receive a free upgrade to the new version.

Comodo also provides the Firewall and Antivirus components as separate products. Both offerings have been upgraded to version 7 with this release.