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Internet SecurityFew years in the history of Comodo have been eventful as 2013. We completed our move to new offices in Clifton NJ, released major updates to key products and introduced ground breaking new applications. All in all, it was a year well worth remembering.

In one of the most significant event in recent years, we released Computer Internet Security 6, which integrates cutting-edge technology such as Comodo’s Auto Sandbox Technology™ and Virtual Kiosk. The CIS 6 sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs – ensuring viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from the rest of your computer. The new Virtual Kiosk gives you and extra level of security by allowing you to run a virtual desktop right inside of the sandbox.

Additionally CIS 6 includes an advanced system activity utility called Killswitch and improved Firewall and Rescue Disk tools. With an intuitive user interface, Windows 8 compatibility and enhanced performance CIS 6 sets the standard for anti-virus protection solutions.

In a move to challenge the status quo in endpoint management, we release the groundbreaking Comodo Endpoint Security 3.0, which incorporates ‘Defense in Depth’ to the desktop environment. It features blacklist based detection, the industry recognized Comodo Firewall, the behavioral analysis engine of the Defense+ Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) which filters unknown or malicious programs allowing only known-good programs to run along with the unique Auto-Sandbox which defends systems from potentially malicious files. Comodo offers you the most comprehensive solution to locking down and managing your endpoints.

Also in February, CIS 6 achieve the top ranking the ongoing “Proactive Security Challenge”, a spot it has maintained all year.

CIS 6 received a perfect score for protection from AV-Test Labs, testing on Windows XP. Comodo was the only free antivirus to receive a perfect score.

We added the free PrivDog privacy protection extensions to the installation options for the Comodo Dragon browser. PrivDog from AdTrustMedia improves the transparency, privacy and speed of your online experience by automatically detecting and blocking processes that are attempting to track your online activity. Whenever you visit a website, PrivDog will display the number of privacy threats it has blocked in the top-right corner of your browser.

On June 17, AV-TEST Labs released test results of 30 Android Mobile Security products conducted in May 2013 using Android 4.2.2. Comodo Mobile Security 2.0 scored 5.5 of 6 for Protection and a perfect 6 for Usability in AV-TEST’s two testing categories

CIS 6.2 received a perfect score for protection from AV-Test Labs, testing Windows 7. Scores for performance and usability were also high. Comodo was the only free antivirus to receive a perfect score.

On September 30th, Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responders handled over 2 billion requests in one day. The statistic proves Comodo’s continued investment in their revocation checking infrastructure has allowed us to meet the exponential growth of SSL secured Internet traffic. OCSP is a protocol enabled in modern browsers which makes real time checks as to whether or not an SSL certificate has been revoked.

CIS 6 once again in September received a perfect score for protection from AV-Test Labs, testing Windows XP. Importantly, the testing also gave CIS 6 high scores for performance and usability.

In October we added the free PrivDog privacy protection browser extensions to the installation options for the Comodo Internet Security.

Comodo Penetration Testing Services was rebranded as Dragon Labs, a Comodo company. Penetration testing services simulate a highly skilled and motivated hacker in their attempts to access your organization’s financial, customer and other sensitive data.

As of December 1st, the Comodo Anti-spam Gateway had filtered its 50 millionth spam email. To-date, ASG has filtered 50,911,110 emails of which 37,954,073 were found to be spam and over 140,000 viruses were blocked by ASG. Live statistics are available of the Anti-spam website found here

In December we announced several significant enhancements to our backup and storage solutions. CCloud has a brand new, redesigned website: Additionally, CCloud now offers 10 GB of free storage space plus another 10 GB for referrals, upgrading from the previous offer of 5 GB of free storage space. Enhancements to CCloud include an even more secure file storage solution with a significant increase in upload/download and browsing speed compared to the last version.

Comodo Backup features 10 GB of free online storage space. Comodo Backup is offered as a free complement to Comodo Cloud so customers can make sure their data is backed up. Users get 10 GB of highly secure, online storage which can be accessed from any computer. Comodo Backup will find and categorize all files including: music, videos, photos, and mail so users can immediately start backing up important data.