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Comodo Endpoint Security
CryptoLocker, first spotted in September, continues to claim victims of both consumers and businesses alike. The Trojan is a form of ransomware that spreads mainly through fake emails, mimicking the look of legitimate businesses. Other users report being tricked into installing the ransomware via phony FedEx and UPS tracking notices.How does CryptoLocker work?Once the user opens the malicious message, CryptoLocker installs itself on the user’s system and scans the hard drive to sniff out files within the network. If one computer on a network becomes infected with CryptoLocker, mapped network drives could also become infected. Then, the ransomware encrypts the selected files and renders them inaccessible to the user until he or she pays a ransom to receive a decryption key.Defend your system against CryptoLocker

The best defense against CryptoLocker is to never let it enter your system in the first place. The great news is – SMBs and enterprises that use Comodo Endpoint Security Manager are protected. ESM and its Comodo Endpoint Security(CES) software is able to proactively stop threats including the CryptoLocker ransomware by automatically isolating all unknown applications (malicious or not).

How does Comodo Endpoint Security work?

Comodo Endpoint Security focuses on prevention, not purely detection. Our Auto Sandboxing technology creates a virtual shield that identifies safe, unsafe, and questionable files and executables and automatically isolates both unsafe and unknown files. Thus, allowing only known, trusted files to penetrate your system. If the threat is known to be malicious, the Antivirus (AV) will detect the signature and prevent the encryption of your files. If the threat is unknown, the HIPS and Auto-Sandbox will intercept it and stop it from contaminating the underlying operating system so the virus is never actually installed on the system.
What is Endpoint Protection?

Once detected, CryptoLocker can be deleted by the administrator in four simple clicks.

CESM 3 packages the protective power within our next-generation remote administrative console. This enables the administrator to receive real-time alerts through a panoramic view of all endpoints and system management capabilities, a feature generally found only in dedicated Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)  systems. So, when the user unknowingly “installs” CryptoLocker, CES will detect the malicious (or unknown) file, automatically sandbox it, and alert the administrator. Once alerted, the administrator is able to remotely remove the ransomware from the end user’s computer, regardless of the end user’s location.

Four clicks to security:

  1.  Administrator views the list of files within the sandbox.
  2. Administrator selects the malicious executable(s) in to be removed.
  3. Administrator remotely accesses the end user’s computer to select the malicious file running on the sandbox.
  4. Administrator deletes the file location to rid the user’s system of the malicious application.

Four clicks to security. It’s really that simple! But don’t just take our word for it. Comodo Endpoint Security (CES) is powered by the same patent-pending prevention-based technology that our consumer product, Comodo Internet Security (CIS), uses to protect consumers against CryptoLocker. CIS was recently awarded the top position in the Proactive Security Challenge 64 by, a project run by a respected group of independent security experts dedicated to improving end user security. Following the challenge, named CIS engine the “Ultimate Protection Machine.”

In addition to its ability to protect enterprises from malware like CryptoLocker, ESM has many other great capabilities. For instance, the latest upgrade to ESM added several capabilities such as centralized monitoring of sandboxed (unknown) and malicious files, Endpoint auto-synchronization via Active Directory, Encrypted VNC sessions to local & remote endpoints and support for Windows 7 Embedded Standard.

Be proactive and protect your endpoints from CryptoLocker and other malware with ESM today! Download a 60-Day, 60 user free trial now.


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