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Nobody is perfect, but in a critical aspect Comodo Internet Security is. Perfect protection against malware!

In recent testing by the highly respected Independent AV-Test Labs, Comodo Internet Security earned a perfect score 6 of 6 with 100% protection against zero-day malware attacks when using Windows 8/8.1. Comodo also received high marks for performance and usability with 5 of 6 scores for each category

The tests, carried out by software testing firm AV-Test.org, ran through September and October 2014 and continuously evaluated 24 home user security products on Windows® 8.1 (64 bit). The most current publicly-available version of each product was tested and all products were allowed to update themselves at any time by querying their in-the-cloud services. AV-Test.org challenges security products to demonstrate their capabilities using all components and protection layers by focusing on realistic scenarios and real-world threats.

In testing against Windows 7, Comodo Internet Security scored 5 1/2 of 6 for protection. This was the second highest score and the tops for any of the products tested that is offered free.

Comodo Internet Security Premium creates a highly protective shield against viruses and malware through its innovative ‘Default Deny Protection™’ system. The software uses a combination of firewall, antivirus, host intrusion prevention, automatic sandboxing and behavior analysis technologies to quickly and accurately identify safe, unsafe and questionable files. While the core CIS software is identical across all versions, the paid versions are differentiated with additional services such as live support, online storage and encryption of Wi-Fi connections at public hotspots.

The complete details of Comodo’s AV-Test.org scores can be found on the official website of AV-Test.org.

To download the complete Internet suite with 100% protection scores, visit:

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