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2014 was a momentous year for Comodo, with a host of innovations and new product introductions. If we were to sum it up in one sentence it would be this: 2014 was the year that Comodo took the lead in offering threat containerization solutions.

Secure box

According to Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and Chief Security Architect, the threat containerization technology in Comodo Internet Security and our new SecureBox are remarkable achievements. They allow users to go about their business safely even in the most perilous threat environments. He said, “We have proven in the real world that our containerization strategy is superior to any competing solution”. He added “Not only are we the world’s first to bring containerization to the mass market, but we also provide it completely free of charge to all users with CIS and Comodo Antivirus.”

2014 was a year where we expanded our portfolio of offerings so that we can provide comprehensive network security solutions for organizations of all sizes. It was truly a great year and here is a brief review of the headlines Comodo made in 2014:secureBox_logo

Comodo Introduces the Revolutionary SecureBox

Comodo SecureBox introduces a new paradigm for endpoint protection by providing a containerization solution that keeps an application and its transaction data safe and secure, even in a compromised environment.

SecureBox is particularly well-suited for businesses who need to ensure the security of third-party endpoints that are beyond the control of their IT organization,” said Kevin Gilchrist, Comodo Vice President of Product Management. “Financial services companies, healthcare or health insurance companies, or any company that has a large supply chain where the supplier represents a possible vector for malware would benefit from SecureBox.”
myDLP featured

Comodo Launches MyDLP for Data Loss Prevention

Comodo acquired the popular data loss prevention system MyDLP  to provide complete protection for endpoint data. MyDLP prevents data leakage from all endpoints, including copiers and FAX machines!

Comodo Acquires SurGATE Labs

surgatelogo-2Comodo expands its presence in Internet Security solutions by acquiring SurGATE Labs, a global leader in the Secure E-mailing and Messaging segment.

Comodo Releases Free ModSecurity Rule for LightSpeed Web Servers

wafMillions can now be protected with the power of ModSecurity rules for popular LightSpeed web servers, thanks to the innovation and cooperation of two great New Jersey technology firms.

In March Comodo and LiteSpeed announced the initial release of free Comodo ModSecurity Rules for the LiteSpeed Web Server.

ModSecurity rules are used by the popular ModSecurity Apache ™web server plug-in to provide advanced network filtering, security and intrusion protection.

Comodo Internet Security 8 Released

cis8 boxIn November, Comodo announced the release of version 8 of our Internet Security (CIS 8) software for the Window’s desktop, including new and enhanced containerization protection.

Comodo’s security architecture differs in that it prioritizes threat “containerization” over simple threat detection. Under this system, untrusted processes and applications are automatically containerized in an isolated environment. This gives untrusted (but harmless) applications the freedom to operate while untrusted (and potentially malicious) applications are prevented from damaging the underlying PC or accessing user data.

CIS 8 provides desktop users with a multi-layered defense which includes Comodo’s award winning firewall, powerful antivirus software, auto-sandboxing of potential threats and a secure Virtual Desktop environment.

Comodo Mobile Device Manager Puts Focus on User

imgresIn February Comodo introduced a revolutionary new licensing model for our Mobile Device Manager (MDM), with an unconventional approach to licensing users instead of devices. This allows companies to simplify overall management and slash lifetime deployment costs compared to rival solutions.

Each user can enroll up to 5 devices at any one time.

In December we released MDM 3.0, which includes a nifty “sneak peak” anti-theft feature. If somebody enters the wrong password on a lost or stolen device, CMDM controlled devices will automatically take a photo of the device holder and save it to server with their picture and location.

Comodo Introduces the Korugan UTM Appliance

korugan334x189Comodo now provides one stop network and endpoint protection with the Korugan endpoint protection with the Korugan Unified Threat Management Appliance. It integrates state of the art network firewall technology with Comodo’s portfolio of network and endpoint solutions to provide a secure environment at a cost effective price.

Other 2014 Milestones and Achievements

  • In 2014, Comodo issued over 1.4 million SSL Certificates world wide.
  • On October 9th, Computing Security Magazine named Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM) the “Anti Malware Solution Of the Year for 2014″ at their annual awards dinner at the Hotel Russell in London’s Russell Square.
  • Comodo Internet Security ranked #1 the entire year in the ongoing Proactive Security Challenge.
  • By the end of 2014, Comodo Antispam Gateway had filtered over 130 million emails and blocked over 570 thousand viruses.

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