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cybersecurityJoin cybersecurity experts Kevin Deickmann and Jason Boone for a free webinar on Wednesday, August 16 to learn how to simplify your certificate management process.

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certificate manager

According to a survey from Osterman Research, 54 percent of organizations do not have a complete or correct accounting of their SSL certificates. – THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. Certificate mismanagement can cause unexpected expiries, which drive customers away from your site and cost the average company $15 million to recover from.

Don’t have a couple million lying around?

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Set up a system to automatically enroll, request, issue, and renew your certificates
  • Consolidate all your certificates into one centralized dashboard
  • Create a certificate management process that will save you money, keep your customers happy, and give you peace of mind

Register here: https://www.comodo.com/landing/comodo-certificate-manager/

The First 50 registrants get a 30-day free trial and 15% discount on Comodo Certificate Manager, the only certificate management platform that provides complete support for issuance, renewal, and revocation of certificates from all Certificate Authorities.

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