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Shylock is the notorious banking malware designed to fool you into giving your banking login and account details to Cybercrooks. If its name and behavior sound familiar, consider yourself well-read. A bit of trivia: Shylock earned its name by references in its code to William Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice.

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Shylock works like this:

1. Shylock injects its code into your web browser and mimics the look and feel of your banking site.

2. It collects your login credentials, passwords, credit card information, and other pieces of private information.

3. It sends your private information straight to Cybercrooks.

But when Shylock meets Comodo’s Containment Technology, where all unknown files go into Containment, the results are devastating for Shylock.

1. Shylock tries to inject its code.

2. Shylock FAILS—miserably. In Comodo Containment, malware simply cannot inject code into other processes.

3. Another happy Comodo user

Comodo is the only antivirus company that brings proven, battle-tested containment technology to enterprise.

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