Endpoint Security Reading Time: 2 minutes

Companies large and small today face many of the same IT challenges – and one obstacle that all businesses are trying to hurdle is cybersecurity and protecting their endpoints from cyberattacks.

Proactive Remote Computer Solutions a managed services provider has that very challenge.  With an experienced and growing team, PRCS needed to implement an endpoint security solution that would both secure and centrally manage its own laptops, desktops and server endpoints with minimum administrative effort – as well as have a scalable technology that it can sell and use to manage and secure its own customer’s endpoints.

Comodo Endpoint security Protection

PRCS turned to Comodo.

“The unique containment technology that makes up the foundation of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) is completely different than anything in the market today – focusing on prevention, not detection – and that’s what sets it apart,” said Chad Barnard, CEO of Proactive Remote Computer Solutions.  “Also the ESM dashboard allows for panoramic insight and control over all aspects of endpoint protection for both me and my customers – saving me time, money and resources – without sacrificing features or security protection.”

You can read the full case study with Proactive Remote Computer Solutions and Comodo at https://www.comodo.com/news/case-studies.php
What is Endpoint Protection?