The Evolution of SSL and TLS Reading Time: 1 minute

I recently read something interesting about a new malware. It’s a Trojan that’s been found to add a functionality known as “Spy Eye.” Analytical reports reveal that Spy Eye’s goal is to displace its rival, Zues. Its “Kill Zues” feature is apparently designed to completely eradicate Zues’ software from a victim’s computer. Where does all this lead? Well, it gives Spy Eye exclusive access to every victim’s usernames and passwords. Yikes!

Here’s the point. If malware can now go after your usernames and passwords, it’s important for each and every one of us to ask what we’re doing to protect ourselves? If you’re reading this blog, that’s a good start. But let me suggest that you take an additional step. Look into Comodo Internet Security Pro, the most technologically advanced Anti Malware software available today. Just visit and give this evil Spy Eye what it really deserves. A black eye!