Comodo Introduces Korugan Unified Threat Management

January 8, 2015 | By Editor
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koruganComodo now provides one stop network and endpoint protection with the Korugan Unified Threat Management appliances. Korugan UTM integrates state of the art network firewall technology with Comodo’s portfolio of network and endpoint solutions to provide a secure environment at a cost effective price.

The Korugan Web Based user interface delivers simplicity and total control over all security features you need. The affordable pricing model provides you with all UTM features with a single license. Korugan UTM Appliances are specifically tailored for your needs thus outperforms traditional UTM and NGFW solutions.

All the best-of-breed security features that Korugan provides are offered with just a single and affordable license, including all firmware and signature updates.

When you buy a Korugan appliance, you get:

  • Comodo Endpoint Security Manager with best of breed antivirus protection, with the first year license free.
  • Advanced Threat Protection. Choose between Single and Dual Scan options for your web and email traffic. Enable CAMAS for further cloud based security scans!
  • Zero-Day Protection via Containerization. With the power of Korugan ATP features and Comodo’s patent pending technology enables unknown files to be installed in sandbox to end-points!

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