Comodo One. Configuring widgets and adjusting dashboard appearance

February 14, 2017 | By Comodo

The portal user can adjust the Dashboard appearance, disable temporarily unnecessary widget, enable required widget and prioritize the widget order in the dashboard as per your preference

Step 1: Log in COMODO ONE portal and click ‘Customize’ icon


Step 2: To enable Widget on Dashboard, Turn ‘ON’ from OFF / ON column. Suppose you would like to disable the Widget from Dashboard then turn ‘OFF’ from the column OFF / ON.

Enable Widget

You would prioritize the Widget on the Dashboard, Please keep mouse over the specific Widget and Click and Drag for the order you prefer.

Example, As a user I would like to move Ticket Status Widget as on the first row.

Ticket Status Widget

Step 3: Once the changes complete then click the icon Back and check the Widget whether changed as per the update.

You can also change Widget Order from Comodo One MSP > Dashboard > Overview as in the image below.

  • Click the ‘Grid’ icon
  • Drag and drop the Widget on the order of the place you would prefer

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