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Home Depot confirmed this week that recent breach of its point-of-sale system is one of the worst data breaches on record, with over 56 million debit and credit cards compromised.

The Home Depot breach is now similar in scale to the Target data breach that compromised at least 40 million cardholders. The Target breach also compromised the data of a total of over 100 million customers. It is not clear if the Home Deport data breach compromised data beyond the card data.

The popular security blog site is credited with exposing the breach. The breach was only revealed when Krebs reported that a “massive” number of counterfeit credit cards connected to transactions at Home Depot began showing up on the Internet’s blackmarket for such things.

Home Depot has previously assured their customers that they will not be responsible for any fraudulent charges. “The financial institution that issued your card or Home Depot are responsible for those charges should we confirm a breach.”