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Critical Security Fixes
Google has released Chrome 37.0.2062.94 for Windows, Mac and Linux. This update includes 50 security fixes some of which could allow a remote attacker to obtain unauthorized access or cause a denial of service.

Users and administrators should review the Google Chrome release blog and apply the necessary updates.

In addition, the Google Chrome update moves it away from Microsoft’s Graphics Device Interface rendering method to Microsoft’s DirectWrite text rendering API. GDI is considered to render text in Chrome worse compared to other browsers, an issue that has been outstanding for several years.

Chrome 37 includes new APIs for apps, extensions and changes that Google claims will improve performance and stability. Significantly, Google is including 64 bit support for the first time.

Comodo offers its own free to download Chromium based browser, Comodo Dragon. It includes unique security and privacy enhancements not found in any other browser.