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Fradulent Bank Website Bears Alarming Resemblance

Comodo’s Anti-spam lab has discovered a fradulent bank posing frighteningly similar to a legitimate banking website. The fraudulent website mirrors the real Malaysian banking website of Kumari Bank.

Site Still Active

While the site is being called out in various websites that warn users of such fraudulent activities, the fraudulent bank website remains active.

Fraudulent Bank Website

Stay Alert

Financial scams like these are persistent. Cybercrooks remain diligent in developing sophisticated methods to teal sensitive information via emails, links posted in websites, and text messages—through any internet-connected device. Of key concern is mobile devices, as it is difficult to discern whether or not a domain is trustworthy.

Comodo Solutions

You should protect yourself by establishing secure methods of connection, namely through the most trusted security brand on the market. Comodo’s award-winning products protect you from all online threats that attack through your website, your PC, and your email.

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