Is Your Endpoint Security Upgrade Reading Time: 1 minute

Upgrade issues and a checkered history of customer infections are good reasons to reevaluate your options for endpoint protection. Even leading analysts agree that the solutions employed today are not preventing breaches and infections. The threat and solution landscape has changed dramatically in the past two years so here are some facts and tips to consider:

Is Your Endpoint Security Upgrade

1. New Malware Starts as an “Unknown File
2. New Ransomware and Other Malware is Launched Every Day
3. A Security Posture of “Default Deny” is Recommended by Experts
4. Default Deny with Containment of Unknown Files is a Proven Option in 2017
5. Low Cost, Low Overhead and Highest Usability Containment is a 2017 Too

The last recommendation is to do your research, read reviews (including this one from eSecurity Planet), and demo today’s leading technologies (that actually prevent new malware from entering), especially if you’re faced with a clunky install or upgrade of an old endpoint security “solution.” Advanced, more effective, AND less expensive endpoint protection is the upgrade you really need.
What is Endpoint Protection?