Cyber Hacking Thumbs Reading Time: 1 minute

That’s the question that Comodo Director of Technology Fatih Orhan put forth in a new byline article just posted in Computer Technology Review magazine. Is it possible that the CPU power from your own computer is being used for cyberattacks and the spread of malware?

It indeed is.

Cyber criminals are now more organized than ever. They have software development teams. They have source-code repositories, the have design teams, implementation teams and QA teams. They in fact have all the tools and resources that normal legitimate companies would leverage for a regular software implementation.


Your computer, your tablet, your desktop and its processing power can be hacked to wage wars against governments, corporations and even charitable organizations – if the right security precautions are not taking place.

You’ve heard of SaaS: Software as a Service. These “bad guys” are HaaS: Hacking as a Service. Read the full byline by Fatih in Computer Technology Review here: