Cryptominers Reading Time: 1 minute

Cryptolocker, the ransomware Trojan, works like this:

1. Reads a file
2. Encrypts that file
3. Overwrites original file with encrypted file
4. Demands ransom

comodo containment

But when Cryptolocker meets Comodo’s Containment technology, any new unknown file goes into Comodo Containment.
The results are devastating to Cryptolocker:

1. Reads a file
2. Encrypts that file
3. Cryptolocker FAILS miserably…because, with Comodo Containment, malware can’t alter hard disk data—It can only alter a virtual hard disk which Comodo provides you within containment.
Which means…
4. A happy Comodo user

Comodo is the only antivirus company that brings battle tested, proven containment technology to enterprise.
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