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dnd stationComodo is pleased to announce the release of DNDstation, a brand new utility for the gaming community that optimizes PC resources when a game is in progress and prevents games from being interrupted by pop-up messages. Available for download at, DNDstation is a unique utility that maximizes the PC gaming experience by:

  • Preventing any other program interfering with or interrupting game play
  • Tuning system resources to improve gaming experience
  • Postponing any scheduled task until the user finishes playing
  • Detecting when the user starts playing a game and switching the system into DND mode

Please visit to download the 30-Day trial version or purchase a 1-Year subscription for just $5.

This is a very useful application for gamers as it totally prevents background processes from generating pop-up windows and messages during games. These pop-ups can often cause a game to exit full-screen and are particularly aggravating in the case of multiplayer games. Interrupting a multiplayer game can result in a player’s character getting killed, losing progress and can severely disadvantage them against their online competitors“, said Andrei Ciubotaru, Product Manager of DNDstation.