Comodo Dome Shield

Comodo Dome Shield: Gateway Protection against Web-Borne Threats Now Available at No Charge

The web is the #1 vector for a wide variety of threats—from garden variety malware, to phishing attacks, ransomware, and beyond. Your users may receive an email that appears to be from a company that they actually do business with,…

Internet security

Latest Wikileaks Document Dump: Comodo is a Pain for Hackers

The latest news regarding Wikileaks documents from the CIA has caused quite an industry stir, and also caught Comodo’s attention since we were mentioned in a couple of documents (and Stephen Colbert mentioned Comodo). Gaining notoriety with U.S. Intelligence Community…


Thoughts on RSA 2017

Read the blog article to find out what were the hot topics discussed during RSA Conference 2017.  Information technology and cybersecurity are constantly evolving, and security conferences struggle to keep up. RSA is no exception. This year’s massive conference in…

Internet security

Professor Evans & his Essay On the Impossibility of Virus Detection

Why Is Computer Security So Hard? On the Impossibility of Virus Detection Professor Dave Evans teaches Computer Science at the University of Virginia. His current research seeks to enable the cost-effective production of complex computer systems that can be trusted…

Comodo One

Comodo Gains More than Half of SSL Market Share for First Time Ever

Read the infographic to find out why Comodo gained more than half of the SSL market in the history of the Netcraft Secure Server Survey.

Alan turning

Alan Turing, undecidable problems, and malware

In 2003, Oxford University Philosophy Professor Nick Bostrom posed the following question: what if an artificial intelligence (AI) machine were given just one task: to create as many paper clips as possible? If you think about it, this AI machine…

Android security

Comodo Threat Research Labs Warns Android Users of “Tordow v2.0” outbreak

In late November 2016, Comodo Threat Research Labs discovered samples of the Android malware “Tordow v2.0” affecting clients in Russia. Tordow is the first mobile banking Trojan for the Android operating system that seeks to gain root privileges on infected…


Comodo Detects New Family of Sophisticated Financial Malware

Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) has announced that it has detected a new family of financial malware dubbed as “Gugi/Fanta/Lime”. It is a sophisticated Banking Trojan that can bypass the standard security protocols of an Android operating system (version 6),…


Comodo Senior Research Scientist Dr. Kenneth Geers Discusses Ransomware

Ransomware has now become a very common thing. Companies and organizations all the world over are getting attacked by ransomware, following which they have to face lots of serious issues including loss of money. Comodo’s Senior Research Scientist Dr. Kenneth…

vulnerability scanning

Massive Internet Outage Powered by IoT Devices

Using hacked “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, cyber criminals had launched a massive internet attack on the Internet infrastructure company – Dyn, leading to a mammoth internet outage that affected major websites like Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Spotify, Tumblr and Amazon.…

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