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Open source software is great, especially the part about being able to use it without paying a license. The underlying source code is also made available for community development. Unfortunately, hackers can take advantage of it to make fake copies of popular software. This is called “trojanizaiton”

The Filezilla project confirmed this week that fake versions of the popular open source FTP client FileZilla are stealing login credentials from unsuspecting users, apparently sending them to servers in Germany.

The trojanized version of Filezilla looks and works like the real thing, but a faux version can be identified by checking the about box. If it is using the use of older GnuTLS/SQLite versions the you are in trouble, it is malware!

Filezilla is a great tool, easy to use and perfect for maintaining remote web sites. However, it is critical that you only download the software from the official Filezilla website or download site.