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Cyber WarNorse, an internet security firm, monitors internet traffic to identify cyber-attacks in progress. They have created have a very cool animated display that appears to be based on the War Room in the 1983 movie War Games, and has made it available to the public.

If you do not think the “cyber war” is real, just wait and see how many attacks into the US are coming from China! Earlier this year, the US Justice Department indicted five officials of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with compromising the networks of US corporations and non-profit organist ions and stealing proprietary and non-public information. This is not an isolated case. Infact, American networks are under constant cyber attack.

The specificity of the sources and targets is rather startling. It makes you wonder why more cannot be done by the government and technology first to stop these attacks.

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This highlights the importance of a multi-layered defense strategy. In addition to network firewalls and security you need every endpoint and mobile device management and protection.