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Malware Removal Tool
Most of the people we recently spoke to on the streets of New York didn’t know that around 50,000 new malware are created daily. We concluded that most people just don’t give it a lot of thought. But it’s important to realize just how many malicious attackers want to steal your credit card numbers, identity and as much of your intellectual property as they can get their hands on.

If most people had any idea how much malware they’re up against these days, and how dire the repercussions could be, everybody would do more to protect themselves. Including you! But now, you DO know. So please, stay informed. Tune into Security Corner every so often, for updates and new tips on how to protect yourself. Be sure to opt-in to Comodo’s monthly Newsletter, so we can tell you about all the latest developments. And, best of all, look into Comodo’s top notch Antivirus products by visiting

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