Computer security

Professor Evans & his Essay On the Impossibility of Virus Detection

Why Is Computer Security So Hard? On the Impossibility of Virus Detection Professor Dave Evans teaches Computer Science at the University of Virginia. His current research seeks to enable the cost-effective production of complex computer systems that can be trusted…

Comodo One

Comodo Gains More than Half of SSL Market Share for First Time Ever

Read the infographic to find out why Comodo gained more than half of the SSL market in the history of the Netcraft Secure Server Survey.


Comodo One. Configuring roles in ITSM

Comodo One. Configuring roles in ITSM How to assign/re-assign a role to the specific user How to create a new role with custom permissions How to create a new staff and change role How to customize permissions for a role…

Comodo widgets

Comodo One. Configuring widgets and adjusting dashboard appearance

The portal user can adjust the Dashboard appearance, disable temporarily unnecessary widget, enable required widget and prioritize the widget order in the dashboard as per your preference Step 1: Log in COMODO ONE portal and click ‘Customize’ icon Step 2:…

Digital certificate

SSL/PKI/X.509—Automated Digital Certificate Lifecycle Management Reduces Risk and Costs

While SSL/TLS certificates provide the backbone for information security—digital certificate management is going to get harder as enterprises turn to SSL certificates to manage security for the 21 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices expected by 2020. For example, just…